7 Tips Together Kids holiday as Prince William & Kate

Recently, Kate Middleton and Prince William took their son Prince George went on long-haul flights . Not only them , you can invite baby to participate in long-haul flights , with 6 tips .

Peek of CNN Travel , Thursday ( 04/10/2014 ) these 6 tips to bring the child in the long flight as did Kate Middleton and Prince William :

1 . Determining holiday schedule

holiday schedule is very important for you who want to vacation with your wife and kids , do not let you make vacation plans when your children go to school , to make the holiday schedule you can download blank calendar template then you write your list of holiday activities either once a week or once a month

2 . Prior to leaving, the message special child meals on board

Before going on a long haul flight with a child , you’ll want to book a special meal for the kids to the airline . The food of course children are different from adults . To that end , message nutritional intake of foods that remain intact despite the child to travel long distances

3 . Bring a snack

Also need to be prepared light snack for lunch during a long journey . So , if you suddenly feel hungry baby , you ‘ve brought and can directly give to the children .

4 . Try to come flying at bedtime children

Some children can sleep anytime and anywhere . However, some others can not and can only sleep when night falls . To find safe and that the children could rest enough , choose flight hours of sleep a night , or when the children arrive .

5 . Advantage of early boarding time for the kids

Typically , airlines will let passengers who bring a child boarding or board the plane earlier than other passengers . Upon hearing the call, immediately take the child on a plane first . It can make baby comfortable because air entered the empty state , without the need to jostle with others .

6 . Raise armrest

If taking children under the age of 5 years , lift the armrest that can sleep like a baby on the mattress. But keep in mind , this can be done if you are next to a partner or friend traveling .

When next you are someone else , it’s good to buy a seat on the next . All for the sake of comfort the child during the flight .

7 . Use her favorite bag

Each child would have a favorite bag that always want to use . For that , use her favorite bag to carry his goods or toys .